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Nathan, Founder and Managing Partner of Banks Legal, has 25 years of legal experience, 20 of which were dedicated to practicing law in the UAE/GCC region.

His expertise spans corporate, commercial, and business law, complemented by a robust track record in facilitating diverse transactions, including numerous cross-jurisdictional acquisitions and dispositions for clients.

In his role as Founder and Managing Partner of Banks Legal, Nathan primarily oversees the firm's regional offices and practices. He actively interacts with clients and his team to ensure the provision of high-quality, cost-effective services. +971501893276 Nathan Banks

Amir is a Partner at Banks Legal with over 24 years of legal experience. He has practiced law in the UAE for the last 25 years.

Before becoming part of Banks Legal, Amir served for five years at a distinguished international law firm in Dubai. Additionally, he contributed 15 years to the operations of the Abu Dhabi Criminal Investigation Department.


  • Dispute Resolution
  • Employment
  • PRO Services
  • Commercial Matters
  • Freezone and Offshore Company Registration
  • UAE Company Registration
  • Business Sponsorship
  • Foreign Direct Investment +971507125992

Erika, a Senior Associate at Banks Legal, brings extensive expertise in commercial, banking, and finance law, with a career spanning over 5 years in the banking and finance legal sector.

She has proficiency in reviewing various commercial contracts, providing compliance guidance, and holds experience in Crypto/Web3, as well as bilateral and syndicated transactions, with a strong command of LMA terms and documentation.

Before joining Banks Legal, Erika served as the Corporate Legal Counsel for a multinational company in Australia. +971501503317

Hassaan Ahmed, a Senior Associate at Banks Legal, has 8 years of experience in both Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates, specializing in Corporate/M&A. He has held diverse roles at a leading international law firm in Pakistan and has contributed to projects globally.

He regularly advises corporations involved in joint ventures, corporate and M&A transactions across a range of sectors including real estate, media groups, banks, education, retail and energy. He has significant experience providing counsel on IPOs, M&A, intellectual property issues, private equity, corporate finance, and project-related affairs. His clientele includes a diverse range of financial institutions, private equity investors, and corporations.

Hassaan obtained his LLB (Honours) from Cardiff University, UK, and further completed his Legal Practice Course (with Business) from BPP, UK. +971529396276

Nour is a Legal Consultant at Banks Legal with 4 years of experience in Beirut, Lebanon and Dubai, UAE.

Nour has experience in drafting various legal documents, preparing, reviewing and filing court documents and research.

A Lebanon citizen, Nour is trilingual and is fluent in English. French and Arabic. +971554050248

Vassanda is a Senior Associate at Banks Legal with 12 years of legal experience in Paris, France and Dubai, UAE.

Vassanda’s key professional strengths include corporate structuring (or re-structuring) in the UAE, legacy planning, corporate governance/ legal due diligence/ compliance and regulatory matters.

Vassanda can efficiently assist and advise clients from different backgrounds, languages and cultures.

A Mauritian citizen, Vassanda is bilingual – equipped with technical drafting abilities both in French and English. +971501476066

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