Need a corporate uae national sponsor or national service agent for your uae set up?

Cohesion can help.

For onshore business in the UAE, sponsorship from a UAE National is required where there is foreign ownership. However, seeking sponsorship from an individual is not your only choice. Cohesion provides another option.

Cohesion is a corporate sponsorship portfolio of companies, each wholly owned by a National and independently managed by directors appointed by Banks Corporate Services (BCS).

Cohesion provides UAE companies with a reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional sponsorship options.


How the

Service Works

Cohesion provides services to companies and branches operating in the UAE or in other GCC member states.

These services include:

  • Holding 51% of shares in a UAE onshore LLC, as per local law requirements.
  • Holding shares in other companies as may be required to satisfy and comply with the foreign and/or local ownership requirements for companies or structures established in the GCC.
  • Acting as local service agent for branches of foreign companies registered onshore in the UAE.
  • General govt. liaison, visa and immigration and related corporate services functions.


Nationals Carefully Vetted

Emirati Nationals that are partners in Cohesion portfolio companies have been carefully vetted and are individuals with whom members of the Banks Group team have long standing relationships.

Liability Mitigated

An additional layer of corporate protection when it comes to potential liability. For example, should there be any personal legal liability attached to the assets of an individual National owner, your exposure is mitigated.

Operational aspects streamlined

BCS under POA, is authorized to independently manage the administration of Cohesion. Operational aspects are streamlined for efficient service delivery. Attendances at Govt departments and notaries overseen by BCS personnel.

Death and Inheritance/ Succession

Mechanisms in place, such as in the unfortunate circumstance of the death of an individual National owner, transfer of shares in Cohesion to a previously vetted individual National, to mitigate issues which may otherwise arise.

Valuations and Raising Capital

Value in an investment/exit or when raising capital is likely to be viewed more favorably by a prospective purchaser or financier under the Cohesion structure given mitigation of key risks.

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