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Imagine having the ability to access your own dedicated legal team. A legal team with General Counsel level support, minus the expense or hassle of employing lawyers in-house.

This is LexFlex.

LexFlex is designed specifically to provide you with experienced virtual General Counsel and in-house legal support, according to your business requirements and budget.




We understand some businesses are not in a position or stage of growth to justify the expense of in-house counsel, let alone a legal department. A lack of easy access to legal advice may mean critical legal issues are overlooked or not addressed. LexFlex solves this problem for you.


Access Resources

You will have regular access to full-service law firm resources and expertise. This is without the overhead of providing these in-house, or an army of lawyers being unnecessarily engaged on a matter. The interests of your LexFlex team will be aligned with those of your business.

Reduce Risk

LexFlex is an on-demand service. Remove the risk of engaging a full-time employee and increase or decrease LexFlex services in line with the requirements of your business.

Manage Spend

With LexFlex you only pay for what you need. Choose one of our tailored fixed-fee packages, or tell us what you need, and we will provide a bespoke package for you.

Experienced Advice

LexFlex provides you access to an experienced General Counsel and team of lawyers to cover your day-to-day legal needs. Additionally, access to specialist legal advice as you look to grow your business.

How It


We will meet with you to understand the level of support you require and identify the most cost-effective service package for your business Whether you require basic ‘hotline’ support or the provision of a full in-house legal function, LexFlex will provide this.

Once you select your service package, you can immediately engage the LexFlex team without fear of escalating hourly billing or uncertainty of costs.

All our packages include an initial ‘health check’ on your business, to identify any critical legal or regulatory matters that may have gone unnoticed.

Depending upon your package choice, LexFlex team members can be made available at your place of business. Further improving the efficiency of managing your legal requirements.

Regular reviews and reporting are carried out to ensure you are getting the support and value you require. If your demand for services changes, we will discuss changing your package to meet your needs.

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