Doing Business in the United Arab Emirates – A Guide

The UAE remains a vibrant and attractive market for business and an important hub for the development of regional business interests. Understanding the local legal and regulatory framework is essential to enable you to structure and grow your business operations in order to take advantage of the opportunities the UAE offers.

This guide has been developed to provide you with an overview of the legal and regulatory environment in the UAE, with a particular focus on the key considerations relevant to establishing and conducting business in the UAE.

Key areas covered in our guide:

• A summary of the key questions that need to be considered in relation to the establishment of      a business presence in the UAE

• An outline of the legal structures available, both ‘Onshore’ and within UAE Free Zones

• A general overview of the requirements for the licensing of business activities in the UAE

General information regarding matters ancillary to the establishment of a business presence in the UAE such as real estate, banking, employment, intellectual property, taxation and foreign exchange controls

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