DIFC Will Registration Fees Payable to DIFC WSC

Type of Will
DIFC Charges (AED)
Single DIFC Will (guardianship only) 5,000
Mirror DIFC Wills (guardianship only) 7,500
Single DIFC Will (property only) 7,500
Mirror DIFC Wills (property only) 10,000
Single DIFC Will (guardianship and property) 10,000
Mirror DIFC Wills (guardianship and property) 15,000

All fees and charges are subject to VAT.

*** Emirates NBD, RAKBANK, NBAD, ADCB and CitiBank are currently offering interest free, easy payment plans for its customers to cover the cost of DIFC Will registrations. This enables individuals registering a DIFC Will the option to spread their registration fees over 3 – 12 months. This payment plan is set up at the time of the Will registration at the DIFC WSC.

Banks Legal Fees

Type of Will
Charges (AED)
Single Will (guardianship only) 500
Mirror Wills (guardianship only) 750
Single Will (guardianship and property) 1,250
Mirror Wills (guardianship and property) 1,750
All fees and charges are subject to VAT

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