Banks Legal Forms

Legal Forms


BD and Admin

Establishment and Administration (General)


UAE LLC-POA-National in Favour of Foreignco – Power of Attorney



UAE LLC – Promissory Note



Amended and Restated Incorporation Agreement



Incorporation Agreement



Ministry of Interior (Immigration) Power of Attorney



Ministry of Labour Power of Attorney


Local Agent Agreement

Establishment and Administration (UAE Onshore Branches)

Letter Appointing Auditors


Letter from Auditor

Offshore Establishment and Administration

Director Acceptance Letter



Director Appointment Letter



Re-registration- Resolution for new MA



Standard MA – Company Limited by Shares Re-Registration (RAKIC)



RAKICC Resolution



Employee Termination (on notice) Letter


Mergers and Acquisitions

Banking and Finance

Investment Agreement


Joint Ventures

Real Estate


Non-Disclosure Letter Agreement – short form (pro-discloser)



Non-Disclosure Letter Agreement – short form (Mutual)



Non-binding Heads of Terms


Intellectual Property


General Litigation Power of Attorney


Property MOU


Debt Recovery

Letter of Demand (General Money Debt)


Matter Management Resources

Dubai Branch – Information Memorandum


Website/App Terms and Policies

Acceptable Use Policy



Cookie Notice



Cookie Policy


Privacy Policy



Terms of Use



Director Resolution

Limestone House

Limestone House Letter of Demand


Cash Receipt



Cheque Receipt



Petty Cash Request






Pro Forma Invoice



Acknowledgement of Receipt



Acknowledgement of Receipt from Clien



Leave Application Form


Client Care

Business Development

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